Who is this Guy?

October 17th, 2006

Well look him up on IMDB. Yes I said IMDB. Louis Katz my friends is our New VFX Director and he has quite the Resume. How did we get Louis you may ask? I can only say that this project has been blessed by GOD and other than that I have no other explanation. Not only does Louis Heads the VFX department at Design Reactor but he also has worked on a list of films including Superman Returns to Star Wars. So don’t let the smooth taste fool you people ORIGIN is going to be something else no matter what. I am really not a boastful person I have just worked my ass off and I know what we have done is amazing for a no I mean non budget film and even for a budget film. This film is really a “Kung Fu Flick” and for those that don’t know “Kung Fu” means Skill obtained through Time and Effort. There a has been a lot of time and effort put in to this and you will see it in the final product.

Where we are at?

June 6th, 2006

Well I know I don’t update this thing as much as I should so if anyone reads this at all I apologize. So to get the the point of where we are, We are officially in post. We are now editing, sound mixing, and doing visual fx for the film . As afar as I can tell ORIGIN is shaping up to be a nice inde flick that pushed all of the boundaries I set out to push. Though there are many things I would change in he-insight I am still impressed to watch the impossible happen.

Lots of people ask me the same question “Is the film done yet?”. Honestly this question sound like a child on a road trip “Are we there yet?”. We the answer is emphatically No! and will remain no for a while. We are more concerned about quality at this point then speed. If you will please think of ORIGIN as a fine wine or a gourmet meal that must be slow brewed and stewed. I think at this point I want this film to be done more than anybody but I do know what it takes to even come this far and it has been no easy feet. I have been keeping this journal for about a year now and even to me I can not believe the time and effort that has gone in to this. We have no money, or backing just love as support of our community and fans. Thanks for cheer us on and we promise we will all see the finish line.

Final Confrontation Confronted

March 21st, 2006

We have completing with great enthusiasm the Final Confrontation of Simon Kane. This is a momentous mark for the crew of ORIGIN. I must say that my Co Director Takeshi Hiraoka stood strong to some of the adverse conditions surrounding the shoot that put us behind schedule. Takeshi was very sick after the shoot and we were all exhausted. I could say this was the second most exhausting shoot of the project next to final fight. I was under a huge pressure trying to relinquish control on my child to my crew and just focus on acting. The first day was smooth considering the tardiness of the camera and some of the crew. Even with our set backs there was adequate help this time that we did not have on previous shoots. For the most part we have figured out methods that do not have Takeshi nor myself being directors, grips, pa’s and ect. Maestro Curtus who play Rosario Fernandez played compelling, believable and complex character to complement my character Simon. This shoot was once again guerrilla, as we have no budget at this point so everything we pull of is nothing short of amazing. Every shoot I learn more what to do and what not to do but there are always new challenges that accrue.

The second day had a much different energy that would not as productive. The tardiness issue put us drastically behind schedule, as I myself was 30 min late do to a wrong turn on a one way. I was caught up in the external forces that seem to have the crew bickering over nonsense to a point where I could not deliver simple lines. Chris Gee my First AD was able to use is people ability to help us create boundaries and the lines of control we need to complete this thing on time. I have not seen the footage yet but I am sure it looks good. Pete Smith our DP pulled out all stops with his gear by deploying his HDV cam and his 35mm lenses to give us an incredible image that we could only dreamed to have. In closing I really has not hit me yet that we pulled it off. There is usually a high that happens shortly after the shoot but I am sure it will hit me once I start chopping this thing up.

Final Shoot

March 9th, 2006

In this scene Simon meets the only person with answers to his past, which happens to be a crazy Old bum Played by Maestro Curtis. This shoot means a lot to this project because this is the core of the Origin Fable. These scenes comprise the beginning and end of the film. At this point all of the major story telling elements will be completed and we will just focus on small pick up shots and some flash back scenes to polish this film. I would be lying if I said the upcoming shoot was the last shoot of Origin however it is the last major shoot. We will be shooting in the historic Japan town/ Fillmore area of San Francisco on the 18th and 19th of march. Our history in the area and the community support is why we choose to use this area.

Bottom of the Hill

March 8th, 2006

Feb 28th 2006 was an especially auspicious occasion for ORIGIN and “Virus�? A music video for Flight 27 base on Origin Directed by Sam Crayne. The New Origin Trailer and Virus were shown in Film Market presented by our very own on site sound woman Dana Jae at “The Bottom of the Hill�? a local tavern. I was really shocked at the crowed reaction when the videos were shown. Virus was played first and was the shock and awe of the night while introducing the origin characters to the audience. Then the trailer further grabbed attention as the crowd was exposed to some of the amazing special effects of this independent production. The crowd was glued to the screen and thunderous applause resounded after the videos completed. I do feel that our pieces received the most crowd reaction which was a good sign to how the final film will be received by are target audiences.

Soap Magazine

December 20th, 2005

Some great news happened recently. I was interviewed by and up and coming magazine in Japan called Soap Magazine. They are just getting started in japan and will be publishing my interview in there next article. www.soap-zine.com has a partial interview online.

Back in to the groove

November 30th, 2005

Well to keep everybody updated on what is going one with me. I am doing well though life has kicked my butt a little. I’m back on track and as many of you now know I had to push back the date of my fundraising event. The reason is due to another event with the art college I work for. Now the event will be on Dec 9 2005. This give me a tad more time to plan it even better. It will be a phat party none the less for a great cause. Axis Café I must add rocks for allowing me to do this so come by and get some great food and service from them if you are in the SF area.

Now for the juicy stuff about the film!!! I am slowly getting back into the production and reorganizing every thing to wrap it up. There is one more scene to shoot and I have an almost total rewrite of the scene that is way more dynamic the original. I am also starting to put the feelers out for talented bands to get on the soundtrack in the up coming year. If you have good music you should hit myself or Flight 27 up and we will share with you some of the details around the project.

The movie looks great so far and I am very proud of this piece. We really did it with nothing but raw energy and talent. Everyone’s effort has made this film people told me was impossible a tangible reality. We are also working heavily on the special fx which are amazing. I can’t tell you what is like to watch a crazy idea in you head come true but one this is for sure I would do it all again for that feeling.

I will keep everyone posted on the project and its progress. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the film because I like talking about it.

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October 8th, 2005

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October 5th, 2005

I would like to use this time to answer question about Origin to the loyal patrons of this site. Please leave a comment with your question about the film and I would love to answer them for you.

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Begining of the End

September 28th, 2005

I now approach my final major scene in the movie. These scenes contain the beginning and end of the film and are really the true heart of the story. I have been revisiting, rewriting, reevaluating these scenes and the character relationships in them. I really feel these scenes are lacking the depth I want to convey so I must pull out everything we have before the shoot. I tend to writing plot driven characters that are cool but they are are not 3 dimensional yet. This film really marks my journey as a film maker to push past my own limitations. Screenwriting is one of those limitation so I am now on a path to become a competent writer. This is really the first screenplay I have written and of course it was way out of format until Josh (Screen Writer) adapted it and revised it into a working script. Now that I have a better understanding of how things work I am rewriting the characters to pull more out of them. Of-course the screen play can be great but the acting or filming sucks, so this will also be a major attention point from my self and Takeshi (Producer and Co Director) will focus on.

I am now to the point where the reason I needed to tell this story is more clear than in the past. I am finally understanding the statements I have been making about family and the relationship between Fathers and sons. The issue of knowing your parents as an adult and finding your self within that is really at the heart of this film. Some of my childhood pours it self into this project while the rest is wrapped in fantasy. I am beginning to merge the fantasy into the real so that the characters find their true voices. Many things may never be conveyed to the audience but I want to express who and why these people are and not just the plot itself.