:: Ideal Concepts America
IDCA is the centrifugal force behind an independent revolution of art media and culture. IDCA brings to life yet another epic independent creation with Symphony of the Fallen.
Sheldon Callahan, Samual Crayne, and C Rob Birt have merged once and again to create their most intense work since The Dark Fatt. They have inlisted the talents of dialog screen writer and execuative producer Mathew Hubbard as well as co-cheoreographer Greg Stretton to help shape the dark, action packed world of Symphony of the Fallen

::Sheldon Callahan
An Independant media mogle, musical, and creative mind has broght underground worlds to life since his younger years. Has become well known for his flaire for art, music, and Shoalin Kung Fu. This bountry braking co creator and composer of projects like The Dark Fatt and Symphony of the Fallen is talking the underground to the next level.

:: Samuel Crayne
Known for combining the power of artistry with emotion, he has thrown himself into the underground worlds of photography, film, and music. His passion for creativity borders on self-destruction, as he pours himself into his art in an attempt to communicate with all those who would listen.

:: C Rob Birt
Industrial/Multimedia/Graphic Designer and now Director/Producer have been added to this list. Composition, objectivity and some slight "devils advocate" style criticism are what are brought to the creativity table by this independent pioneer. Even more so, it's not a "what if" mentality that he brings, but a "what will" and can be direction.

:: Mathew Hubbard
The Creative Director and CEO of Tattered Sail Productions. A resident of Denver, practitioner of Shaolin Kung Fu (Through which he met Sheldon), and independent free thinker. He is currently working on the project "For My Son", and other projects not yet far enough along for a working title. This project marks the beginning of his move from live theatre to the big screen

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