The making of Symphony of the Fallen
Symphony of the Fallen is a short film inspired by the Earn Respect song created by Emphonic. This was a two year project that began in Colorado and ending in California that would feature action, effects, story, and a killer sound track. Most of the first year was spent on pre-production, choreography and filming. The second year the main focus was on post-production, sound and visual effects. The S.O.F. team Sheldon Callahan, Samuel Crayne, and C Rob Birt, spent a lot of time creating this dark world, it's action, and characters.

Concept and Team
Sheldon Callahan created original concepts and he and Samuel Crayne (co-conspirator and creative genius) started to work on the project. The project grew from a music video into a full fledge short film. The discriminating taste of long time advocate and co-conspirator C Rob Birt were to be brought in to help with the projects many obstacles. So the initial creative staff was created. The three built the story and characters for this film. Greg Stretton (who plays the part of Bishop) a Shaolin practitioner of many years, was brought in to the team. He and Sheldon created the choreography and they would later star in the movie. Matthew Hubbard was found at a film practice session at the Shaolin Center in Denver CO. Matthew Hubbard created the dialog for the speaking characters, executive produced, as well as stared in the film as The Nerd.

6 month of choreography and planning went in the project before the first punch was thrown on film. The team scouted locations, props, film crew, and extras for the film. The first scene to be shot was the last fight scene. As the hardest scene, this took 2 months to shoot with weather, lighting, and scheduling restrictions. The location was the be on the third floor of the Club Rock Island in Denver CO.

The post-production and other filming began shortly after. Sheldon Callahan and C Rob Birt would create the visual effects to aid the films story. Emphonic would begin the create the sound and feel of this story and the project. This project would finally finish in
August of 2002.

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